This Woman’s iPhone Sends Hilarious Automated Text To Future Mom-In-Law

iOS 11 is here and one of the big features of the update is the “Do Not Disturb function”  which allows sending anyone who tries to contact you an automated message.

It has a stock standard response, however, you can also customise it to make it sound more like you.

The biggest reason for this feature is to make sure that when someone is behind the wheel of a car, they won’t be distracted by notifications. It also allows the person’s contacts to know why they are not replying.

But, one woman found out the hard way that sometimes you don’t want that message to send automatically to just about everyone who messages or calls you.

Aiman Siddiqui received a text from her future mother-in-law, which read: “How r u feeling?? I have bought more joshanda. I’ll give them to Arham to give to u.”

The 20-year-old woman had her phone on Do Not Disturb as she’s currently studying for exams, so which meant her phone replied with the following funny but cringeworthy message:

I’m studying leave me [the fuck] alone. Bih ahhh tryna make me fail all the time. I GON BE SUCCESSFUL.”

Which was followed by Apple’s standard message: “I’m not receiving notifications. If this is urgent, reply ‘urgent’ to send a notification through with your original message.'”

This is probably not the best thing to tell your future relative , but Ms Siddiqui quickly tried to fix the situation. She’s told Buzzfeed: “When I realized his mom had texted me I started freaking out really bad.

“Never let technology text for you. The Apple update seems amazing but please use it wisely.”

For anyone who wants to use the feature, Aiman has posted a quick video on her twitter account, on the easy way to customise it.

Siddiqui’s fiancé, Arham, jokingly retweeted the post, saying: “Welp, gotta throw the whole engagement away.”

Users on social media thought the mishap was rather hilarious, with one person commenting: “She just wanted to be successful, but she successfully ruined her relationship with her future MIL.”

Another adds: “If that was me I would just start digging my grave fam, sis needs help.”

“Somewhere inside my heart I know I shouldn’t be laughing but I am. I SO am! OMG! I’m so sorry for your embarrassment but this is HILARIOUS!” says another user.

The feature is a rather decent way to ensure that you don’t keep looking at your phone while you are driving. However, if you want to install the feature, perhaps you should think twice about what you want your automatic reply to be.

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