Worker Gets Fired For ‘Working Too Hard’ And Turning Up Early

Supermarket chains are just so convenient. You can go in, pick up a few things and be out of there in two minutes.

It is a bit daunting when the cashier is swiping your items across the till and you’ve barely even had time to pull your wallet out before they’re ushering you away and already scanning items the person behind you is buying.

It’s the way it is, but apparently, there’s such a thing as working too hard. A worker at Lidl has experienced this.

We’ve all seen employees who would stand around chatting rather than cleaning up a smashed jar of cheese spread, not caring people are having to step over it.


But this might just be encouraged though, as a former manager at a Lidl branch is suing them after he was fired for ‘working too hard’, the Mirror reports.

Named just as Jean P. by Spanish media in Barcelona, he was reportedly turning up to work at 5am, doing normal duties like stacking shelves, checking prices and cleaning up.

Other staff would turn up a few hours later after he’d already been grafting, but his graft allegedly breaches the store’s rules banning unpaid overtime.

He was seen on CCTV, leading to him being accused of “very serious laboural unfulfillment”.

The company’s rules state that he shouldn’t be in a branch alone, and every minute he works should be clocked – which he wasn’t doing.

But an employment court heard that Lidl didn’t actually tell the manager not to do what he was doing, which lead him to believe that he wasn’t in the wrong.

“He is sanctioned for working too much – something that is unusual – and also for making an effort to get the shop running properly,” Jean’s lawyer noted.

The heads of the supermarket knew this and were aware that these changes required time and dedication.”

It seems a bit odd that he should be punished for working too hard and ensuring the best business for his branch, but then again-  rules are rules.

The case is still ongoing so there is still a chance that the Spaniard could perhaps retain his job.

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