World First: Drive-Through Fine Payment Services In Dubai

Soon, residents of Dubai will have access to drive-through service to pay their traffic fines as well as other police services.

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, the Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police Department said that the new service will be located at three key specific locations of Last Exit project that was developed by Meraas.

The Major General Abdullah Khalifa stated that the police department wanted to reduce the number of people incoming to police stations by 80% and that the drive-through Smart Police Station service aims to achieve just that, in tandem with providing efficient police services, all from the comfort of customers in their cars.

The director of Smart Services Department at the Dubai Police Department, Brigadier Khalid Al Razooqi said that the drive-through service will be opened by the end of the year and that the Dubai Police Department is happy to provide many ways and points for residents to pay their traffic fines or request any other services which can now be made via the drive-through service.

The Smart Service drive-through service will be available at 3 Last Exit location; Mad X restaurant, E11 and Al Khawaneej.

Image credit: zeenews

The drive-through service will offer 19 police services for the time being when launched, with 8 extra services being provided later, including reporting a crime.

The manager of the project, Amal Al Mazroui stated that the service will be open for 24 hours and will contain a screen that the customers can communicate through to an officer, as well as a dashboard to allow civilians to pay their fines by either card or cash.

The Dubai Police Department has also taken initiative to launching a Walk-in Smart Police Station that will be available and located in shopping malls. The engineer behind the Walk-in Smart Police Station, Khloud Al Marzouqi of the Dubai Police said that the station will offer various services. She also explained that the station is designed to help people by offering 60 police services in 6 different languages – including reporting crimes and paying traffic fines, and that the stations provide these services without human intervention.

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